what is an agriturismo?

Are you asking yourself “what is an agriturismo? Well, keep reading! An Agriturismo is Italy’s best kept accommodation secret! They are independently owned farms that are open to guests, a specialty type of lodging aimed at offering hospitality in a rural setting. Experience True Italy by having the intimacy of hearing from the owners first-hand about the country and how they grow some of the world’s finest food. Italy produces some of the world’s finest delicacies, including olives, almonds, cheese, produce, wine and more. Imagine having it served to you every day out of someone’s home. True farm-to-table, the food does not get better than this! Alongside the amazing food, be ready to see sights unimaginable. Enjoy Italy’s heartland– a peacefulness that is not found in the bigger towns and cities, but where you see land and botanicals for miles. Open your door each morning to the beautiful scenery and the rustic farm-like atmosphere. It’s a completely unique experience all in itself!