uncommon. rare. raro.

we specialize in creating exceptional group travel experiences

Our trips take you off the beaten path and into the heart of the culture. They are designed to immerse you in the local way of life and offer rare opportunities to connect with the people and places you visit. With our expert local hosts leading the way, you’ll discover iconic destinations and hidden gems in a way that only true cultural immersion can provide. Travel the raro way!

authenticity - the raro way


We believe in creating authentic travel experiences by connecting you with our local hosts who share their personal stories and knowledge. Through their vibrant cultures, rich traditions, and daily customs, you will take a deep dive into their way of life, bringing you a truly authentic group travel experience.

Small Group Travel

raro is all about creating intimate and authentic group travel experiences that form life-long connections. Our focus is on immersive, hands-on experiences that allow you to fully embrace the culture and community of each destination, all without the added stress of planning.

Small Group Travel - the raro way
Senior woman tourist with tablet in a garden - the raro way

Free Time On-Your-Own Exploring

We understand that going on a trip can be overwhelming, so our local Hosts are here to help you navigate and make your travel easy and worry-free. We strike the perfect balance between group activities and free time, allowing you to explore at your own pace and make meaningful connections with your fellow travelers.

easy travel

Traveling to a different country can often involve logistical challenges such as transportation, activity fees, and more. At raro, we eliminate the hassle by taking care of all these details, allowing you to fully relax, have easy travel, and enjoy every moment of your amazing adventure.