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we have a passion for traveling and exploring new cultures

When you come on an adventure with us, you will be taken far beyond the basics, in a big way. Here’s what you get when you travel with us.

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Local Experiences

As you explore a new culture with raro, we want you to be fully immersed in every aspect of the journey. That's why we take care of all admission fees and offer a variety of local experiences, ensuring that you have the opportunity to fully appreciate the destinations you visit. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey of a lifetime!

Quaint Accommodations

Feel home away from home. Your comfort is our priority! We know that where you stay is a big part of your experience, plus we want you to be comfortable and fully rested for the exciting days we have planned! By vetting unique hotels, from boutique hotels and historic hotels to perfect pensions and gorgeous agriturismos in-person, we can ensure your experience is up to our standards.

Quaint Accommodations
Modes of Transportation | Travel Raro

Modes of Transportation

Don’t worry about the stress of planning your local transportation and transfers, we do that for you! On tour, you will travel by air, ferry, private boat and more with ease and convenience.

Admission Fees

Admission Fees to Attractions and Excursions

Focus on fun, not fees! Throughout your adventure, you will enjoy an array of thrilling experiences - from excursions to local attractions. From exotic caves, to exploring wineries, to boat rides, everything is included!

Meals and Wine

Anything but Ordinary Meals and Wine

With raro, you will enjoy all your meals in unique settings. From cozy, local family owned restaurants, to breathtaking views at an agriturismo, get ready to indulge in tasty authentic cuisine! Did we mention the finest wine you’ll ever taste? That’s also included!