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Discover the convenience of raro-WayPay, where your dream adventures become reality, one payment at a time.

While many of our trips are eligible for raro-WayPay, not all tours qualify. raro-WayPay is exclusively available for tours booked at least 181 days prior to the tour start date.


raro-WayPay provides the flexibility to spread the payment over time, offering you a hassle-free way to book your unique travel adventure with us without worrying about upfront costs.

To qualify for raro-WayPay, guests must have a valid credit card linked to their travelraro.com account. However, please note that payment options may not be available for all tours.

Yes, guests can cancel their raro-WayPay plan at any time. It’s important to note that canceling raro-WayPay will not cancel the tour reservation, and guests remain responsible for the tour balance by the final payment date.

The frequency of credit card charges depends on the payment option selected at checkout. Terms and payment details will be provided during the checkout process. The credit card will be charged on the dates specified as in the example below.

The deposit is charged and included in the first payment and itemized during the checkout process.

No, only one credit card can be used for the deposit and all subsequent raro-WayPay payments.

No way! raro-WayPay does not charge any interest fees.

Our standard cancellation policy applies if a guest cancels a booked tour.

No, each installment payment must be of the same amount.

No, raro-WayPay is entirely optional.

No, payment reminders will not be sent. However, guests will receive confirmation via email and SMS messaging once each payment is processed.

Guests can update their credit card information at any time. However, to complete the update, a minimum $1 payment towards their tour is required using the new card.

While guests may prepay the full remaining balance of their tour at any time, partial payments towards the remaining balance are not permitted.

In the event of a declined monthly payment, the system will send a payment denial notice to the user’s email address. The failed payment amount will be adjusted to the remaining monthly payments. However, if all payments are not completed in full by the final payment due date, the current cancellation procedure will be followed.

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