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Each of our trips feature local cuisine, rare excursions and a native host who will immerse you in the culture and atmosphere of the country you're visiting.

raro testimonial

a raro travel experience through the lens of guests and how raro helped their first trip to Greece and Europe become something they will never forget.

raro | travel uncommon

Experience the hidden gems and rare moments of iconic locations around the world with raro, where every trip is authentic and every guest leaves with a new outlook on small group travel.

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raro offers small group travel experiences that immerse you in local culture, guided by hosts who call the destination home. Explore our uncommon journeys.

discover greece

Discover the beauty of small group travel to Greece . Visit ancient ruins and monuments, indulge in fresh Mediterranean fare and jump on the ferry to explore the beautiful island of Hydra, all alongside a local host.

Greece host - big George

Meet Big George and his story on one of raro's Greece destinations. George has designed the Greek trip from start to finish with local culture at center of it all.

discover Umbria

Experience small group travel to Umbria with exclusive dining at local venues, nature in its unfiltered state and all the beautiful secrets that central Italy has to offer.

discover Sardinia

Travel to Sardinia and wander through local vineyards, indulge in authentic cuisine and laugh with the locals on any of our summer Sardinia trips.

Coron, Palawan - Philippines

Explore Palawan Philippines with raro on a private charter in Coron, Experience Philippines island hopping, swimming in crystal clear water and around coral, and traditional lunch and drinks.