Why Our Umbria Tours Offer a Unique Travel Experience

May 10, 2023

Umbria Tours Offer a Unique Travel Experience | Travel Raro

Italy is a beautiful country that attracts millions of tourists every year. However, most tourists only see famous landmarks and popular tourist areas, never experiencing the real Italy or immersing themselves in local culture.

Our Umbria tours are designed to show you the side of Italy that most tourists never see. Every trip with Raro is an opportunity to explore the world through the eyes of local hosts, who will show you their city and share stories of their culture. From exploring charming medieval towns to tasting traditional Italian cuisine, our Umbria tours offer an authentic travel experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Exploring Authentic Italy in Umbria

Umbria is one of Italy’s lesser-known regions, just waiting to be discovered by those who are seeking an authentic taste of Italian culture. Here, you’ll find medieval towns, rolling hills, flower-filled streets, and underground cities.

We’ll take you off the beaten path to visit medieval towns like Civita di Bagnoregio, a stunning hilltop village perched on the top of a steep rock formation. Orvieto’s Gothic architecture and underground tunnels will amaze you, while Rasiglia’s enchanting waterfalls will refresh you. And let’s don’t forget Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio, and Spello – each offering unique sights and experiences that truly showcase the authentic beauty of Italy. With our local host by your side, you’ll discover an entirely new side of this beloved country. 

Immersive Cultural Experiences

Our Umbria trip is all about immersing ourselves in local culture. From visiting family-owned wineries to dining at local restaurants with traditional Umbrian cuisine and wine, we’ll provide you with an authentic travel experience. And that’s not all!  You’ll also get the chance to interact with locals and learn about their cultures, traditions, and way of life. This kind of experience will expand your horizon and help you learn more about the country.

Unique small group travel experiences

We understand the importance of having an authentic and personalized travel experience.
As a result, we provide small-group trips.

Unlike large group tours, small groups tend to have a more intimate atmosphere, encouraging people to share personal experiences. When traveling in a small group, you get a more customized service. Our expert local host can adapt the tour to your interests and may include spots not usually visited by large groups. 

By the end of our trips, we often feel like family – united by shared memories and unforgettable moments.

Authentic family-owned wineries

Visiting family-owned wineries is one of the highlights of any trip to Italy. As the largest wine producer in the world, Italy boasts some of the most notable and exquisite vineyards throughout its regions. In particular, Umbria is a renowned location for wine enthusiasts with its luscious grapevines and captivating landscapes. 

Two standout wineries that we visit over and over again are Montefalco and Paolo e Noemia d’Amico. These charming family-run establishments have been producing exquisite wines for generations, using traditional methods passed down through the ages. 

Paolo e Noemia d’Amico winery is especially impressive. It boasts a breathtaking landscape, a sculpture garden with masterpieces of contemporary art, and a cozy library with a fireplace and candles.

Wine tasting: Pairing Local Wines with Local Cuisine

Winery visits are a great way to experience local wines, but our wine-tasting adventures don’t end there! We love to pair wine with local dishes at some of the best restaurants in town. Enjoying wine with a mouth-watering meal made from locally sourced ingredients is a delightful experience. And that’s not all – we even try out different olive oils as well! 

All-Inclusive Experience 

Our all-inclusive trips will provide you with a stress-free experience. We will take care of everything from the moment you arrive until you depart, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

From arranging all transfers to visiting the best restaurants where you can indulge in traditional food and drinks and visiting historical places with a local guide- we got you covered.. And the best part! You don’t have to worry about paying for anything; it’s all included in our tour price!

Authenticity and Local host

There’s no better way to explore a destination than through the eyes of a local. Our knowledgeable local host will take you to off-the-beaten-path locations only locals know about. Whether it’s a local restaurant or a hiking trail, our local host will show you the best secrets of your destination. And, you’ll not only see the sights but also hear some fascinating stories and gain invaluable insights into local culture. 

Immersing Yourself in Umbria’s History

Umbria is a region full of history and incredible landmarks. Whether you’re interested in the ancient Etruscans or medieval architecture, there’s something here for you.

Our local guide will help you immerse yourself in Umbria’s history, and the best place to start is Perugia. This charming city has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and boasts views of the surrounding countryside that will leave you speechless.

Another historical place is Orvieto’s Well of St. Patrick. In the sixteenth century, the well was dug to guarantee a supply of water to its citizens all year round in case of calamity or to survive prolonged sieges. Our guide will explain the legends and stories behind this fascinating site, taking you on a journey back in time to when people lived in awe of their imaginations.

There are numerous more historical places that we will see, one of which is the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Our Umbria tours offer a truly unique and stress-free travel experience. From the all-inclusive nature of our tours to the expertise of our local hosts, every aspect of the trip is carefully crafted to provide an unforgettable adventure. We go off the beaten path so our travelers have the opportunity to connect with local people and truly immerse themselves in local culture. So if you’re looking for an uncommon travel experience, look no further than our Umbria tours.