10 Best Things To Do In The Philippines

January 22, 2024

things to do in the philippines

The Philippines , the second largest archipelago in the world is made up of 7641 islands.

Whether you prefer adventurous activities, nature, or cultural immersion – the Philippines has it all. From sunset sails in Boracay to snorkeling in Coron and close encounters with tarsiers, the smallest primates in the world, choices abound.

Here are the 10 best things to do in the Philippines, each offering an unforgettable experience.

1. Boracay Sunset Sailing Tour

Boracay Island is known for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. This tropical paradise is a perfect place for relaxation seekers as well as adventurers.

One of the most magical experiences on the island is a sunset sailing tour where you can watch the sun going down and enjoy a wonderful view from Paraw sailboats. This beautiful, serene environment lets you enjoy the island’s natural splendor in a calm setting.

The sailing experience in Boracay is not only special because of the wonderful sunset but also because it involves experiencing a soft sea breeze and being enchanted with soothing waves. You can rest on the vessel and enjoy nature and tranquility all around while you swim if necessary. This activity is ideal for couples who want to have a romantic evening or families wanting some quality time.

2. Snorkeling in Coron and Lunch on a Secluded Beach

Coron, with its clear emerald waters and vibrant marine life, is a diver’s paradise. Its underwater world is rich with coral reefs and different fish, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling.  The clear waters with incredible visibility ensure a rewarding snorkeling experience.

When it’s time for lunch, get ready for a delicious experience. Imagine sitting on a secluded beach, surrounded by the beauty of nature, as you savor fresh fish and seafood that was prepared by the amazing boat staff. It doesn’t get any better than this!

3. Visiting an Eco Farm

Visiting an eco farm in Coron offers a unique insight into sustainable farming and the local way of life. You can learn about organic farming practices and the significance of eco-accommodating living.

The farm visit is normally trailed by a delicious lunch made with locally sourced ingredients.

This experience is an excellent opportunity to indulge in authentic Filipino cuisine.

The eco-farm visit in Coron is beyond a tour; it’s an interactive experience where you can partake in farming activities and grasp the local lifestyle. The lunch served is a feature showcasing the flavors and ingredients of the region. This is an ideal action for those who value nature and want to learn about sustainable living practices.

4. Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls

Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls is one of the most exciting adventures in the Philippines. Here, you can explore breathtaking waterfalls while engaging in activities like hiking, swimming, and even cliff jumping.

The experience of canyoneering in Kawasan Falls is both challenging and rewarding. As you explore the canyons, you’ll experience different deterrents that test your physical capacity. The natural magnificence of the surroundings makes the excursion beneficial, with every cascade and pool offering a previously unheard-of discovery. This is an adventure that combines the excitement of investigation with the excellence of nature.

5. The Oldest Chinatown in the World

Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, is home to the oldest Chinatown in the world. A visit to this bustling region offers a brief look into the rich cultural legacy and history of the Chinese community in the Philippines. Here, you can explore vibrant streets, visit old sanctuaries, and indulge in a food tour, tasting different Chinese-Filipino delicacies.

The Chinatown in Manila isn’t simply a spot; it’s an experience. As you stroll through the limited paths, you’ll be encircled by the sounds, scents, and sights of a thriving community. The food tour is a feature, with a variety of dishes ranging from customary faint total to Filipino-Chinese combination cuisine. This cultural and culinary tour will provide you with a more profound understanding of the Chinese influence on Filipino culture.

6. The Loboc River Cruise

The Loboc River Cruise in Bohol is a quiet experience that takes you along the jade-green waters of the Loboc River. The cruise includes a buffet lunch, allowing you to appreciate local dishes while taking in the scenic perspectives. The tour is accompanied by a cultural show, offering a brief look into the traditional music and dance.

This is not just a dining experience; it’s an excursion through the core of Bohol. As you float along the river, you’ll see rich vegetation, customary houses, and local people going about their regular routines. The cultural show adds a component of entertainment, making the cruise an exciting experience for all ages.

7. The Tarsier Sanctuary

The Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol is a preservation region committed to the security of the Philippine tarsier, the smallest primate in the world. Visiting the sanctuary permits you to see these adorable animals in their natural environment and find out about the efforts to preserve them. 

At the Tarsier Sanctuary, you can notice the tarsiers as they cling to branches with their enormous, expressive eyes. One of the most unique features of these nocturnal animals is that their eyes are bigger than their brains, which is quite astonishing considering their body size.  The visit to the Tarsier sanctuary not only gives you an opportunity to see these adorable animals up close but also brings issues to light about the significance of natural life protection. A meaningful movement interfaces you with nature and its marvels.

8. Crystal Cove Island Tour

Crystal Cove Island, situated off Boracay Island, has a distinctive setting with two coves and powdery white-sand beaches. The island is famous for its swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking opportunities, as well as natural caves that can be explored. In this perfectly preserved natural environment, other fun-filled activities like trekking, cave exploration and sunbathing can be equally enjoyed.

The trip to Crystal Cove Island is a mixture of action and serenity. The coves offer a protected place to swim and snorkel, while the caves add some adventure. The island’s natural beauty makes it an ideal destination for day trips, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of beaches in Boracay.

9. Cebu City Historical Tour

A historical tour of Cebu City will take you through the vast culture and background of the Philippines’ oldest city. It usually involves stopping at such notable landmarks as the Fort San Pedro, Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, and Magellan’s Cross. It’s a learning process that will provide you with a great knowledge of the Spanish colonial period.

For history enthusiasts and curious tourists, the Cebu City historical tour is not to be missed. Every monument narrates the past, providing a deeper understanding of Filipino culture and its influences.

10. Shipwreck Diving in Coron Island

Coron Island is known for its World War II shipwrecks that provide a thrilling diving environment. The shipwrecks offer a creepy yet fascinating underwater adventure, attracting divers from everywhere in the world. Exploring these historical wrecks isn’t simply a diving trip but an excursion back on schedule.

Diving in the shipwrecks of Coron Island is an experience unlike any other. As you slip into the profundities, you’ll be welcomed by the remainders of history, teeming with marine life. The disaster areas, each with its own story, make an underwater museum that is both captivating and humbling. This is an adventure that combines history, nature, and the excitement of discovery.

The Philippines is a country that offers a different scope of experiences, every unique and exciting. From the tranquil cruises in Bohol to the courageous canyoneering in Cebu and the cultural immersion in Manila’s Chinatown, there’s something for every kind of traveler. These 10 things to do in the Philippines give a brief look into the rich embroidery of experiences accessible in the Philippines, promising remarkable recollections and a more profound association with this lovely country.