10 Reasons to Visit the Philippines

October 22, 2023

reasons to visit the philippines

The Philippines has earned its reputation as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas” with good reason. These are the key reasons why the country has been internationally renowned as a one-of-a-kind jewel of Southeast Asia. The stunning beaches, delicious food, and welcoming people contribute to the its reputation. The Philippines is often ranked first on the list of finest worldwide locations by any serious visitor. To better understand why it’s one of the top destinations, delve into these 10 reasons to visit the Philippines.

1. Friendly People

It is unquestionable that Filipinos are among the friendliest people in the world. They are warm, inviting, and interested, yet at the same time, they respect others. When there is a reason to rejoice, Filipinos would always sing and dance enthusiastically. It is simple to make friends with them. They proved to be dependable, kind, and considerate companions!

2. Preserved History

Understanding a country’s history is the greatest way to get to know it, and the Philippines has its fair share of tales due to its numerous roles in world history. You can discover the history and heritage activities in the Philippines, from the pre-colonial era to the Spanish, American, & Japanese occupations, to learn about the occasions that formed the nation into what it is now.

3. Great Spots for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

The Philippines’ diving locations provide a unique underwater experience. The Philippines was named the global geographic center of marine biodiversity by a group of marine environmentalists in 2006. You’ll discover that the country is home to vibrant coral reefs and marine life in addition to its beaches and islands.

More than half of all known corals are found at the Tubbataha Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Palawan. While viewing the stunning coral reefs, you can swim among turtles, black and white-tip reef sharks, manta rays, and other marine life.

Cebu takes pride in having diving locations on par with the greatest in the world. You may undergo the sardine run experience & swim with millions of sardines in the Moalboal sardine run in Cebu.

4. Thrilling Outdoor Adventures

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, hiking in the Philippines is terrific. You will be rewarded with stunning scenery, whether a sea view or even imposing waterfalls.

The Philippines has an abundance of thrilling and adrenaline-pumping water sports, making it one of the greatest countries in Asia for vacations.

5. Indigenous Peoples

Visitors who witnessed the culture, traditions, and natural beauty of the Philippines fell in love with the country, its customs, beliefs, and people—especially the indigenous tribes that had kept the nation’s morals and values prior to foreign invasions.

Indigenous populations often resided in the highlands, where they were shielded from Spanish or American colonization and able to maintain their customs and ceremonies. Tribes and indigenous people can be found in Sierra Madre and other places. 

6. Wildlife and Nature

Many birds, plants, animals, and sea life may be found in the Philippines. The Philippines is home to almost 200 different types of mammals, including the Philippine Tarsier, which is the world’s tiniest primate.

More than 600 different bird species, more than 300 different reptiles and amphibians, and at least 400 different coral species are all present. The stunning islands of the Philippines are home to everything you can imagine, from the enormous whale shark to the tiniest fish in the world (Pandaka pygmaea).

In this country, swimming with whale sharks is a rather well-liked tourist activity. There are a few other sites where these gentle giants may wander and hunt freely, despite the fact that it has gotten somewhat contentious because they are being fed by people in Oslob, Cebu, which changes their food seeking habits.

7. Delicious Food

They claim that gaining weight while visiting the Philippines is practically a given. It is real! The temptation is too great when grilled skewers, stir-fried foods, and luscious tropical fruits surround you. When you leave the country, prepare a diet plan since you will undoubtedly binge all day. Delicious food is one of the great reasons to visit the Philippines.

8. Jeepney Transportation

When you land at the Philippine airports, you’ll see vibrant cars cruising the streets of Manila and other bustling cities nationwide. As the primary mode of local public transit in the Philippines, these are known as jeepneys or jeeps. The cost is also quite reasonable. Due to cultural and local immersion opportunities, many tourists view riding a jeepney as a must-do activity while visiting the Philippines.

9. Unique Festivals

The Philippines’ biggest festivals, which draw tourists from across the globe, will persuade you that having fun is just as delightful as seeing the nation’s breathtaking beaches and other noteworthy locations. The festival must continue no matter how the economy is doing! Every town or city frequently hosts its yearly celebrations honoring its patron saint. Therefore, saying that a fiesta may happen in a community at any given time is not an exaggeration. Therefore, you don’t need to meticulously organize your visit to enjoy yourself and participate in the festivities. It will undoubtedly happen while you are here.

10. Great Shopping

As was already said, one of the main things you may do while on vacation in the Philippines is shop. Everywhere throughout the country, including one of the largest malls in the world, the Mall of Asia in Pasay City, are malls, galleries, and plazas. The affordability of purchasing is another argument. You have no excuse not to purchase souvenirs, from food to clothing.

In conclusion

In light of this, the country’s tourism slogan was accurate. There is always something to do,  making it more fun, which is the reason to visit the Philippines. Even if all you want to do is visit the beaches, you’ll receive so much more in return.

The Philippines may not now have the richest economy or the highest level of living. However, the wonderful landscapes and  the qualities Filipino people possess are incredibly affluent and blissful. And since it’s so simple to fall in love with the Philippines, you’ll say so after your tour