Umbria Italy - 7 Nights

Rome, Spello and Assisi

Grape harvest in Paulo and Noemia d’Amico winery in Italy. Group wine trips with Travel Raro. 7 nights
Civita di Bagnoregio, popular tourist stop in Tuscany, Italy with Travel Raro. - 7 nights umbria
Night view at St. Peter’s cathedral in Rome, Italy. Travel with Travel Raro.

enchanting villages and sceneries straight from storybooks

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Discover the heart of Umbria with Us. Experience the region authentically, guided by travel raro. Your extraordinary Umbrian journey awaits – let’s make unforgettable Italian memories together on this 7 nights Umbria tour.

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Mar 23 – Mar 30

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Apr 27 – May 4

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Sep 28 – Oct 5

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tour highlights for umbria Italy

Mysteries of the eternal city, Rome, Italy

mysteries of the eternal city

Immerse yourself in Rome’s hidden gems, rich history, and vibrant culture, guided by travel raro’s local expertise.
Italy car parked in a narrow street

savor wine delights

embark on a wine tasting odyssey at Paolo and Noemia d’Amico winery. sip and savor exquisite wines amidst picturesque vineyards while learning the art of winemaking.

Captivating landscapes await on our tours at Raro

captivating landscapes await

wander into the enchanting ambiance of civita di bagnoregio. Discover the time-honored beauty of this suspended hilltop village, surrounded by serene valleys that transport you to a bygone era.

Umbria ​Insider tips


Embrace Umbria’s cultural heritage by attending local festivals like the Perugia Jazz Festival. Dive into centuries-old traditions, music, and art that paint the region’s vibrant cultural canvas.


Opt for casual and comfortable clothing to enjoy your explorations of cobblestone streets and scenic landscapes. Blend in with the locals while staying ready for unexpected adventures.


Enhance your experience with a few Italian phrases, like “Buongiorno” (good morning) and “Grazie” (thank you). Engage with the warm Umbrian people, and your efforts will be met with smiles and appreciation.

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Arrival and Departure Airport:

Roma Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

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-Leon’s Place
-Hotel Duomo
-La Bastiglia
-Hilton Hotel Roma – Fiumicino Airport

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-Meet and Greet at Airport upon arrival in Roma
-Private mini-bus for Duration

*Exact accommodations and Itinerary are subject to change or adjust

Group Dining with set table in a nice wine cellar

Experience Pace:

On this experience, you’ll walk through the streets of Rome and villages min of 3 hours daily, inconsistently. Mostly paved roads and sidewalks, with some mild inclines. 

Woman shopping in a pottery shop

Group Size


*Exact accommodations and Itinerary are subject to change or adjust

Umbria Italy 7 nights itinerary

Welcome to Rome! Your journey begins with a warm welcome at the airport from your Host(s) and a private driver. After settling in, the afternoon is yours to uncover the city’s treasures. Rome, a cultural masterpiece, invites you to wander through its historic streets. Your Host(s) can suggest spots to explore and shop. Come evening, join your Host(s) and fellow travelers for a delightful welcome dinner, marking the start of unforgettable adventures ahead.

Embrace your day with an authentic Italian breakfast accompanied by robust coffee. After, venture to the historic Domus Aurea, a once extravagant palace, now a historical marvel. Feast your eyes on its architectural splendor before indulging in lunch at a cherished local eatery. Here, relish dishes infused with freshly picked mushrooms and perfectly aged prosciutto, complemented by homemade bread and Italian wine or beer. 

Afternoon invites you to explore Rome’s grandeur. Visit the Coliseum for a taste of ancient glory or lose yourself in the magnificence of St. Peter’s Basilica within Vatican City. Whether it’s a pasta-making class, shopping at the Spanish Steps, or other Roman pursuits, cherish your moments.

As twilight arrives, join fellow travelers for a delectable dinner. Post-dinner, choose to retire early or delve into Rome’s nightlife, with your host suggesting local hotspots for an authentic experience. Tomorrow, Umbria awaits!

Welcome to Spello, your gateway to another enchanting day of discovering the unique charm of Umbria’s villages. Fuel up with a delightful Italian breakfast at your hotel before stepping onto our private minibus for a brief journey to Rasiglia – a time-forgotten village.

In Rasiglia, a fairy tale unfolds with wooden bridges over lively streams and cascades, showcasing the pristine water that meanders through the village. Nestled on a wooded hill, its stone houses stand as a testament to its history. Savor a lunch featuring the region’s renowned lentils and legumes. Afterward, peruse local shops for handcrafted leather goods and textiles, showcasing the village’s artisanal heritage.

Returning to Spello, unwind, freshen up, or explore the town at your leisure before an exquisite Italian dinner awaits. A perfect day to remember!

Today’s journey will lead you to the hometown of Italy’s patron saint, St. Francis. Marvel at the grandeur of the Basilica di Francesco d’Assisi, a tribute adorned with frescoes and paintings akin to esteemed museums. Monks and pilgrims grace the streets, adding to the spiritual aura.


Before lunch, wander through cobblestone streets, immerse in the tranquil atmosphere of piazzas, and explore churches and basilicas. Indulge in a lunch of locally sourced delicacies and regional wine. Upon returning to Spello, reconvene with fellow travelers for another delectable dinner, celebrating the region’s flavors. A day imbued with culture, spirituality, and culinary delights.

After breakfast, a brief bus ride transports us to Montefalco, a charming medieval town nestled high atop a hill. Behold panoramic vistas of lush valleys and expansive vineyards. Discover the village’s rustic cuisine and exquisite wines. Delight in a private wine tour, tasting, and lunch, followed by a chance to explore its fresco-adorned churches.

Back in Spello, the evening welcomes relaxation or further exploration before reuniting for another tantalizing Italian culinary experience.

Today, the enchanting secret of Gubbio unfolds. Its rocky visage emerges from the mountainside, a relic of ages past. This medieval wonderland boasts ruins, a fusion of Roman and Gothic architecture, and the suspended Piazza Grande. Delve into the Roman theater and ascend Mount Ingino via the funicular for panoramic vistas over the verdant valleys below.

Before you bid farewell, take part in the whimsical tradition at Fontana dei Matti – legend says circling it three times grants you the title of “mad.” Visit a local shop for your official “crazy” license. Explore the quaint shops before returning to Spello for the evening.

On your closing day in Italy, we journey back to the Eternal City. Morning brings departure for Rome, with a remarkable pause in Castiglione in Teverina. Here, an extraordinary vineyard awaits, an experience beyond compare. Immerse your senses in this flawless estate, savoring velvety wines amidst sprawling vineyards, manicured gardens, and breathtaking vistas. 

After this unforgettable encounter, relish a satisfying lunch at a cherished local eatery. Then, as we complete the final stretch to Rome, check into your lodgings. The day culminates in a farewell dinner with newfound friends, reminiscing on the unique escapades shared throughout this journey.


Bid Italy adieu, carrying cherished memories of its rich culture, picturesque landscapes, and newfound friendships.