Sardinia Italy - 10 Nights

Rome, Dorgali, Alghero and Arzanchena

Sunset over old tower in Villasimius, Sardinia. Travel Raro group tour.
Torre del Prezzemola, an old coastal tower in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Best group tours with Travel Raro.
Medieval town of Castelsardo, Sardinia, Italy. Guided tour with Travel Raro.

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July 26 – Aug 5

10 Nights


pricing based on double occupancy | all-inclusive | $995 deposit


Aug 30– Sept 9

10 Nights


pricing based on double occupancy | all-inclusive | $995 deposit

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Jun 20 – Jun 30

10 Nights


pricing based on double occupancy | all-inclusive | $995 deposit


July 25 – Aug 4

10 Nights


pricing based on double occupancy | all-inclusive | $995 deposit


Sep 5 – Sept 15

10 Nights


pricing based on double occupancy | all-inclusive | $995 deposit

tour highlights for Sardinia Italy

Emerald sea in the beach of Capriccioli, Costa Smeralda, Olbia, Arzachena - Sardinia

Arzachena, Sardinia 🇮🇹

island gems

Explore the sun-kissed beaches of Costa Paradiso, or the breathtaking views of Arzachena, or the coastal splendor of Porto Covo. Each island destination exudes a timeless beauty that will leave you in awe.

Torre del Porticciolo - Ruins of Ancient Watchtower (Nuraghe) on the Hill over the Porticciolo Beach near Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

Alghero, Sardinia 🇮🇹

ancient wonders

Delve into the rich history and cultural heritage of Sardinia, especially the ancient stone towers and sites in Nuraghe. Prepare to unlock the secrets of Sardinia’s ancient civilizations.
Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy 🇮🇹

diverse country

Sardinia is known for its mesmerizing beaches, crystal clear sea, extraordinary nature and delicious foods. Upon your arrival in Rome, you will be greeted at the airport by our Hosts. You will spend two days in Rome, enjoying a fabulous mix of history, architecture, art and delicious food.
Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy 🇮🇹

stress free travel

Relax and enjoy every moment without the stress of planning the logistics. We ensure that your experience is one of a kind and you will feel like a true local. From the family-owned restaurants, quaint accommodations and exciting excursions, Raro gives an experience far beyond the average traveler. We assure you a fun, easy and safe way to travel with the most unique encounters that Sardinia has to offer!
Dorgali- Sardinia 06-12-2021 -Bue Marino caves- grotto, guided tour, Dorgali, Sardinia, Italy

Dorgali, Sardinia 🇮🇹

exotic caves

Our Hosts will lead you through gorgeous exotic caves, exciting excursions, with the most breathtaking island views. Native to Italy, our hosts are experts on the best hidden gems around. Our gracious trip hosts feel honored to welcome our guests and are eager to share their favorite local traditions and the best food and wine that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.
Aerial view over Alghero old town, cityscape Alghero view on a beautiful day with harbor and open sea in view. Alghero, Italy. Panoramic aerial view of Alghero, Sardinia, Italy.

Alghero, Sardinia 🇮🇹

culinary delights

Savor the taste of Sardinia, where the flavors of the Mediterranean come alive. From rustic agriturismo to charming trattorias, your taste buds will leave you craving for more.

sardinia Insider tips


Sardinians have a laid-back approach to life. Take a cue from the locals and try to slow down, savor each moment of the Italian’s sweet life.


The best way to taste its delicious cuisine is to always pair your meals with a glass of Sardinian wine, such as Cannonau or Vermentino.


It’s important to respect local traditions. When visiting churches or historic sites, dress modestly and follow any guidelines and restrictions.

this and that

Rome Colosseum - inside look


-Leon’s Place Hotel Roma
-Agriturismos (what’s an agriturismo?)
-Eco Parco
– Hotel Catayaluna
-Hilton Hotel Roma – Fiumicino Airport

Sardinia Italy town with a cactus

Experience Pace

On this experience, you’ll walk through the streets of Rome and villages min of 3 hours daily, inconsistently. Mostly paved roads and sidewalks, with some mild inclines. 

things to do in italy | Travel Raro

Group Size


*Exact accommodations and Itinerary are subject to change or adjust

Sardegna Dorgali boat ride


– Meet and Greet at Airport upon arrival in Roma
– Private mini-bus for Duration
– Flights from Roma to Olbia (Sardinia)

sardinia 10 nights intinerary

Welcome to Rome! Upon arrival you will be greeted at the airport by your Host(s) and private driver and then transported to your hotel. Following time for unpacking and refreshing you have the entire afternoon to explore the beautiful streets of the capital city.  One of Italy’s crowing jewels, this metropolitan city offers up glimpses of history and culture around every turn.  Your host can give you recommendations for places to explore and shop during your free time today.

Later that evening, you and your fellow travelers will meet with your Host(s) for a welcome dinner to get the trip kicked off right.  Cheers to the adventures that will follow!

You will start your day with a delicious Italian breakfast and of course robust Italian coffee.  After breakfast, you will depart for a special tour of the Domus Aurea, an ancient historical site that is mind blowing.  After your explorations there you will head to lunch at one of our favorite local eateries.  Here you may encounter aged to perfection prosciutto served with the freshest melon and all the homemade bread your heart desires.  Be sure to grab a glass of Italian wine or beer and cheers with your fellow guests to your first full day in Roma!

Following lunch, you can explore all that the Eternal City has to offer.  Perhaps head to the Vatican and marvel at St Peter’s Basilica or toss a coin and make wish at the Trevi Fountain. Whether a pasta making class is more your speed, or some shopping at the Spanish Steps is calling your name, you will surely enjoy your time in the city.

After all your explorations you will have worked up an appetite just in time to meet your fellow travelers for a drool worthy dinner.  Following dinner, you can turn in early or explore a bit of the Roman nightlife.  Your host can recommend good places to rub elbows with the locals should you desire. Just remember we are off to Sardinia tomorrow!

Guests are encouraged to have breakfast at the hotel before departing. After breakfast we head to the airport to make the quick flight to the island Oasis of Sardinia to experience the unspoiled nature, crystal-clear waters, and unparalleled hospitality that make this trip truly unique.

Upon landing, you will have a quick drive to the small city of Dorgali and experience a Sardinian style jewelry making demonstration complete with wine and local snacks. Take some time to pick up some souvenirs for your loved ones or some new jewelry for yourself.

You will have your first true taste of what makes this island a unique experience as we arrive at the family run agriturismo.  Experience firsthand the hospitality of the Sardinian people as they lead you to your quaint, rustic farmhouse style accommodations.  Later that evening you will experience exactly what makes an agriturismo so special.  The family will lay out a dinner spread that can only be described as a feast.  You will dine family style overlooking a winding river cutting its way through the sweeping mountain vistas as plate after plate of meats, cheeses, and vegetables sourced from and prepared at the farm make their way to your table.  It is a truly remarkable experience that you will get to enjoy every night of your stay.

Today we get to experience even more of what makes this island so uncommon.  A bountiful breakfast is served on-site at the main house of the agriturismo. Breakfast is once again homemade by the family and team members of the accommodation, so please play nice with the chickens that you meet and the goats you may encounter while exploring the grounds.

After breakfast grab your swimsuit as it is time for some fun on the sea!  As you arrive at the beautiful beach town of Cala Gonone, hop aboard your transportation for the day, a private Zodiac boat captained by our local friends! You will see more of that Sardanian hospitality as your captains will have the boats stocked with beer, wine, and local goodies.  Our first stop is the exotic Grotta del Blue Marino where we take a tour deep inside a cave that has been carved out over centuries. Next, you will spend the day beach hopping up the Mediterranean coast.  There will be plenty of opportunities to swim, sunbathe and explore. All of that swimming will have you hungry for more delicious Sardinian food.  Not to worry, you will have lunch at a quaint, beachside restaurant.

Following your adventurous day, we will head back to land and enjoy a  tasting of wine and some shopping with one of our local friends. You are encouraged to relax before dinner at the agritourism where you will delight in another homemade feast.

Today is your free day to do what you like.  However, your host will be taking those travelers thirsty for adventure to one of Sardinia’s top hiking destinations.  If you really want to immerse yourself in what makes Sardinia unique, take this chance to trek the wild heart of Sardinian nature.  You will witness beautiful rock formations, natural pools where you can take a dip, and the beautiful juniper plants that speckle the cliff sides. Don’t worry there are hikes at different levels of difficulty.  Further, your Host has also added a bonus wine tasting because we all know you can never get too much delicious Italian wine.  Feel free to join up for part, all, or none of the optional activities. Remember it is your day to do what feels best for you. AS usual, all three meals will be provided and transportation into nearby villages or perhaps horseback riding or kayaking can be arranged if you would like to do your own thing.

Savor every bit of your last tasty breakfast hosted at the agriturismo before you head off to enjoy more of what Sardinia has to offer.   Your first stop is one of Sardinia’s distinctive cultural edifices. The Nuraghe Santa Sabina (what is a nuraghe?).  See up-close the church of Santa Sabina, a first of its kind, the sacred well, and the two Giants’ tombs.

From here you depart for Bosa, a small town nestled amongst green valleys and the Mediterranean coast.  From its historic town square, cafe’s teeming with people, and riverside castle, this little gem of a town will not disappoint. You will surely enjoy your lunch and explorations in this bustling little, pastel colored utopia.

 Afterwards, we depart for a whole new side of Sardinia.  You’ve seen quaint villages, ancient ruins, stunning seas, pristine beaches, rugged cliffs with meandering rivers.   Now, get ready for a lively port city!  Just one more unique trait of this remarkable island.  The vibrant coastal city of Alghero is full of shops, nightlife, dining and of course history that you will have two full nights to explore!

Buongiorno from Alghero! This sun-drenched port city is encircled by ancient, golden walls and boasts an impressive bell tower and plenty of gothic architecture that is sure not to disappoint.  Alghero is one of the best shopping spots in Sardinia so be sure to peruse the many shops that offer the bright coral jewelry that the area is known for.  The area also has several wineries, and your host will be accompanying those who wish to go on a tour of one of the more notable wineries.  This excursion is optional, and you can choose to spend the day strolling, sampling, or hitting a nearby beach.  If you are looking for some suggestions, we recommend visiting the Neptune caves, Alghero Cathedral, or the Coral Museum.  As always, flavorful and curated meals await our guests.  Lunch and dinner will both offer up some of the seafood the area is famous for.  Be sure to sample the local specialty lobster “alla Catalana”.

Today your adventure takes you to another remarkable destination, Arzachena, but not before stopping along the way at a hidden gem of a city, Costa Paradiso. As its name implies this is a coastal paradise with natural pools bordered by wind carved rocks, crystal clear water, and secluded inlet beaches. Offset by pink cliffs of granite the views from our lunch stop will be nothing short of mesmerizing. The floor to ceiling windows will give the perfect vantage point to sip some prosecco and indulge in another amazing meal.  After a swim at the inlet beach, you can indulge in some gelato before we board our bus and continue our journey. 

After your visit to paradise, we head to the fabulous Costa Smerelda region, our destination and last fabulous agritourismo.  Take time to settle in and refresh before the delectable dinner filled with locally sourced products that will be prepared for you onsite.  Enjoy the evening poolside or amongst the beautiful landscape and prepare another day’s adventures.

Rise and shine to a bountiful breakfast onsite at the argiturismo then get ready to venture out for more unique experiences in and around Arzachena. The center of the town of Arzachena is warm, vibrant and colorful.  The granite facades of the homes here sparkle in muted pastel tones making for a cozy and inviting backdrop for your explorations. Lunch will come with the added bonus of a wine tasting at Cantina Surrau.  In addition to fabulous wines, this stunning vineyard and winery boasts floor-to-ceiling glass windows, gorgeous modern architecture, and works of art from local artists that are all available for purchase.

After you have imbibed just enough wine to feel ultra-relaxed, you will head back to the agrituismo.  We suggest spending some time at the poolside bar and remarking at the incredible scenery that you are nestled amongst, maybe heading to the onsite spa for a massage or treatment, or maybe a nap sounds like a dream.  Just be ready in time for dinner as by this point you know that a meal at an agriturismo is not one that you want to miss!  Then watch the sunset with a full belly and glass of wine and enjoy some rest and relaxation.

This morning you depart for the Olbia airport and back to legendary Roma!  It would not be a raro trip without a fantastic stopover and meal in between.  Arzachena happens to be nestled amongst the Costa Smeralda aka Emerald Coast.   After your glamourous morning, enjoy an equally divine meal (that would not be complete without a glass of prosecco) before you head off to catch your flight.

The quick flight to Roma is over and you will check in to your hotel for the last evening of your trip.  You and your fellow guests (now friends) will share a farewell dinner together reflecting on all of the unique experiences you shared along the way.