Greece - 10 Nights

Greek Islands, Athens, Hydra Island, Nafplio and Corinth

Boats in Greece lined up along the shops and restaurants
The sculpture of captain Miaoulis - port of Hydra Island in Greece - 10 Nights Greece Trip
Seaside Greece Restaurant Lit Up at Night - 10 Nights Greece Trip

a culture you never knew existed.

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Uncover the wonders of Greece on an extraordinary sojourn with travel raro, where captivating highlights and experiences await. Our dedicated host will be your trusted companion, guiding you through the vibrant tapestry of Greek’s culture and history.
Experience the best of Greece with travel raro. Together, let’s unlock authentic cultural experiences and unforgettable moments!

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Jul 12 – Jul 22

10 nights


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Aug 2– Aug 12

10 nights


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Aug 30– Sept 9

10 nights


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May 9 – May 19

10 nights


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May 30 – Jun 9

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Jul 11 – Jul 21

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Aug 1– Aug 11

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Aug 29– Sept 8

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trip highlights for Greece

Parthenon temple on a sunset. Acropolis in Athens, Greece, This picture is toned.

Athens, Greece 🇬🇷

mythical wonders

Uncover Greece’s mythical gods and goddesses as you traverse ancient ruins. Immerse yourself as Greek mythology comes to life with archaeological sites as the backdrop.

Traditional taxi boats in the port of Hydra island in Greece

Hydra Island, Greece 🇬🇷

sun-drenched islands

There’s more to Greece than the white-washed beauty of Santorini or the vibrant nightlife of Mykonos. Escape to the secret hideaways in Naxos or Paros, where unspoiled landscapes make a perfect retreat.

Naffplio, Greece - Traditional cozy Greek street view in city Nafplio, Greece

Nafplio, Greece 🇬🇷

delectable delicacies

Treat your taste buds to diverse flavors of traditional dishes like the spanakopita, succulent grilled octopus or moussaka. Each dish is a harmonious symphony of flavors that captivate the senses.

Greece, Kavala, fishing boats and homes in the harbor of Perigiali

Perigiali, Greece 🇬🇷

guided group travel

Relax and enjoy every moment without having the stress of planning, managing transportation and deciding where to eat or what to do. Our team of locals and travel enthusiasts have carefully planned out the best hidden gems in Greece– from restaurants, landmarks, islands, sightseeing, shopping and more.

Beautiful sunset in the lighthouse in Melagavi cape at Loutraki, Greece.

Loutraki, Greece 🇬🇷

breathtaking views

Have you ever wanted to experience breathtaking Greece as a local would? That’s the raro difference – a unique adventure that extends beyond the average travel experience. Our Greece hosts, will greet you at the airport and will lead you down the path less traveled through the cities and villages that they live in!
The road to Lion Gate (1.240 B.C.) Mycenae, Greece

Mycenae, Greece 🇬🇷

local hidden gems

Our gracious trip hosts feel honored to welcome our guests and are eager to share their favorite hidden gems, local traditions and the finest food and wine. See sparkling, crystal clear water and breathtaking views from cliffside coastlines to beautiful greenery and valley views. Explore countless beautiful ruins and landmarks that cement Greece as a must see travel destination.


greece insider tips

Cash is King

Try to carry money wherever you go since Greece still uses cash regularly. Get enough euros on hand for small purchases, local markets, or when visiting tavernas and cafes.

Handy Greek Phrases

It’s helpful to know phrases like “Poio einai to kalutero estiatorio?” (What is the best restaurant?), “Poso kostizi afto?” (How much does this cost?) when navigating local eateries or shops.

The Meze Culture

This is a style of eating where small dishes are shared amongst the table. Rather than ordering single meals, opt for a variety of local specialties and appetizers for communal dining.

this and that

Estia Cafe Restaurant in Athens, Greece


-New Hotel
-Hydra Suites
-Enalio Suites

Acropolis Athens evening shot

Experience Pace

On this experience, you’ll walk through the streets of Athens and Greek villages min of 3 hours daily, inconsistently. Mostly paved roads and sidewalks, with some mild inclines. There will be the opportunity to hike up ancient castles and sites with large inclines.

Group Size


*Exact accommodations and Itinerary are subject to change or adjust

Greece houses with water in the distance and flowers up close


-Meet and Greet at Airport upon arrival in Athens -Private mini-bus for Duration – High Speed Ferry to and from Hydra

greece 10 nights intinerary

Welcome to Greece! Upon arriving in Athens, you will be greeted at the airport by your Hosts and private driver and then transported to your hotel. The remainder of the afternoon will be spent at your own leisure—feel free to walk through the beautiful streets of Greece’s capital, pop into a few stores or grab a bite at a local eatery. Athens is a mixture of modern trends and historic traditions, making it the ideal place to sightsee and explore. The city is your oyster until the evening, when your fellow travelers and hosts will gather for a small, casual welcome dinner to kick off ten days of authentic and exciting travel!

Your hosts will kick off day two with a trip through the Athens city center to visit the countless beautiful ruins and landmarks that give Greece its rich history. You will be taken to Syntagma Square, located in the heart of Athens, to see fascinating monuments like the Hellenic Parliament, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the National Garden. It is here, in the beautiful city of Athens, where you will enjoy the sights of iconic landmarks like the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Arch of Hadrian. 

Guests will also make a stop at the Panathenaic Stadium, where the first Olympic Games of the modern era were held in 1896. Afterwards, guests will visit the Acropolis to witness the architectural masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens, including the Propylaea, the Erechtheion and the Parthenon.

We will end our exciting day in Athens with a delicious Mediterranean dinner before returning to the hotel… get some good rest, because tomorrow is another big day!

Today we’ll be on island time! In the morning, you will journey to Hydra via ferry. Located in the Saronic Gulf, this gorgeous spot is known for its breathtaking sights, boutique shops and cultural atmosphere. You will have the chance to explore the island at your leisure but prepare to find an alternate way of transportation—Hydra is car-free, so you may have to travel by foot, boat, or donkey (yes, donkey) to get around. 

We recommend you visit the local cafes and restaurants that line the waterfront as well as trek through charming alleyways to discover the beautiful courtyards and boutiques that are sprinkled throughout the island.

There’s no way to take in all of Hydra’s beauty in one day, so enjoy another day of leisure. Feel free to ask your hosts for recommendations on places to eat, shop and sightsee—you may even receive a special tour of the best spots to visit. If you need some inspiration, check out Hydra’s Museum of Historical Archives, climb the Profitis Ilias Hill for a breathtaking view of the harbor or walk to the beach for a day of sunshine and swimming!

Today, you depart Hydra via ferry to the  vibrant coastal city of Nafplio, a beautiful seaside village full of shops, nightlife, dinning and of course history. Enjoy two full nights exploring the medieval Old Town with its cobblestone streets framed with bougainvillea and Turkish fountains.  Here you will find lots of local tavernas and plenty of shopping surrounding the city squares.  Prefer the coastline? Perfect.  Napflio is a coastal gem where the small fortress of Bourtzi rises out of the bay to greet you from its Venetian past.  Small boats can ferry you out to the fortress for some breathtaking views of the city at sunset.  Just outside of town are multiple beaches where you can spend the day lazily soaking up the bountiful sunshine.

Today you will begin your adventure by visiting the Palimidi Castle in Nafplio. This castle is an architectural masterpiece, boasting gorgeous views and stonework as well as a great workout… that is, if you decide to take the 857 steps up to the fortress. Lucky for you, you can reach the castle by road—no cardio necessary!

You then have an afternoon of exploration in Epidaurus. Here is where you will visit one of the most well-preserved theaters of the ancient world with history dating back to the late 4th century BC. Take in the beautiful greenery and valley views—you won’t be disappointed!

When you depart Nafplio, you will head to Mycenae, home of the famous Lion’s Gate. According to ancient legends, Perseus, the son of Zeus and Danae, founded this beautiful ancient city.

Once you have finished walking the path of the gods, our adventure takes us a bit off the beaten path to the waterside Athina Eco Farm and Tavern, a family-owned establishment that sits just on the edge of the Bay of Agios Vlasios.  Here you can indulge in lunch sourced directly from the family’s organic farm and pick up some goodies from their quaint, onsite shop.  You can pick from a selection of extra virgin olive oil, homemade jams, dried oregano, and even skincare products all from the farm. 

After lunch, the more adventurous travelers can grab goggles and a snorkel and swim off to find the Bay’s hidden secret.  Slumbering lost under the waves just 50 meters off the shore from the restaurant is the hidden Sunken City of Ancient Epidarus.  One can see the ruins of what is thought to have been a trading post in ancient times. Paved roads, the foundations of buildings, and even the remains of traditional Mycenean pottery are clearly visible through the crystal-clear waters. The restaurant even has an outdoor shower for a quick rinse before continuing your journey.

Next, you will get on our private minibus to travel to Corinth, located in south-central Greece. On the journey to Corinth, we will see the Isthmus of Corinth where you can enjoy views of this grand historical feature. Here is where you will check into the Enalio Suites, where you will stay the remainder of the trip. Be sure to enjoy Enalio’s seaside pool, hot tub, and snack bar on some of your free time. After getting settled and enjoying an afternoon of relaxation, you and your fellow travelers will all gather for a fabulous dinner.

Looking to soak up some more of that the Mediterranean sun? Today is another wonderful day to do so, but first, you will get to tour a very local olive oil factory where you can marvel at the making and the specialized equipment that takes us from olive to oil all while learning its many benefits! Then, after lunch, you will leave for the gorgeous coastline. Here you will again be in awe of the sparkling, crystal clear water and enjoy breathtaking views from the cliff-like coastline at Heraion Bay. Feel free to take a quick jaunt up the cliffs to explore the lighthouse nestled atop, or head down to the seaside where you can explore the remains of the Heraion of Perachora, the sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Hera.  It’s truly a day to bask in the sunshine, as you will have many opportunities to sightsee and sunbathe amidst the ancient ruins of Loutraki.

After a day of fun in the sun, guests will return to your accommodations for dinner at a local seafood restaurant that is packed with fresh flavors. On the way, we have time to stop in Loutraki again for some last minute souvenirs if desired.

Today you start your day exploring Ancient Cornith, once considered the richest city of the ancient world due to its position between two seas. You then head to Ktima Bairaktaris and the Palivou Estate, two local wineries. Here is where you will sample specialty wines from the sprawling vineyards and enjoy lunch featuring the perfect pairings.

Today you will be visiting Perigiali, home of your host, George. This small seaside town is where you will enjoy delicious food and impressive views of nearby islands. Feel free to walk down to the quiet beaches for a swim—if you’re lucky, you may see dolphins!