what to pack for the Philippines?



Due to the Philippines being an island nation, there will be multiple flights and hotel changes, five to be exact.  It is our recommendation to purchase some packing cubes so that you can keep items separated without having to rifle through your luggage or repack often.  Keeping items you know will be necessary in each location in one cube will make the journey much easier.  Keep swimwear in one cube as you will have many opportunities to use it.  The same theory applies for under garments and socks.

As a tropical country, the temperature in the Philippines is relatively uniform throughout the year, although there’s some variation by latitude and altitude. In November, expect temperatures of between 77°F and 91°F (25°C and 32°C) in most places.


A detailed list of the attire needed for each location is listed below:

Manilla (Days 1-4)

Manilla is a metropolitan city.  The hotel we are staying at is 5-star establishment and in a high-end area.  Think smart fashion for a warm climate that will also allow you to be comfortable.  This location will require your most formal attire.  With that said, it is still a warm climate, and this is vacation so there is no need for very fancy dress. 

You will want comfortable shoes for two of the day tours as walking is involved.  For afternoons, T-shirts and shorts are more than appropriate, as are sundresses. 

For one evening we will be having a private dinner in one of the top-rated restaurants in Manila. This dinner will slacks or chinos as well as a collared shirt.  This can be a nice, short sleeved collared shirt with button neck closure or long-sleeved button down if preferred.   This is one city where a pair of loafers or fashionable sneakers may be needed for evenings.  For those who want to wear dresses, opt for something equally suitable such as a maxi or nice sundress.  Dressy pants and a nice blouse are another option.  Heels are not necessary, but you are more than welcome to bring a pair if you would like.  We would suggest wedge sandals if you do opt for heels.


Coron (Days 4-6)

Coron is a much more relaxed environment and far more remote.  It is less inhabited and has no large cities, just a very few small towns.  Here you will not need any special dinner attire and the main focus should be on comfort and the aquatic activities. 

One of the days here we will be doing an island-hopping excursion complete with snorkeling opportunities.  For this day we recommend a more athletic type of swimwear for those travelers wearing bikinis.  Board shorts are appropriate attire as well.  A cover up or rash guard is also recommended.  Waterproof sandals, boat shoes, or water shoes are a must.  Sunglasses and hats are also recommended for those travelers who are sensitive to the sun.

 There is also a pool and hot tub on the property so keep this in mind. The third day is a departure and travel day so keep that in mind.


Macatan (Days 6-9)

Macatan is largely a resort island and once again we will be at a 5-star establishment.  Unlike metropolitan Manila the attire here will be much more tropical vacation inspired. 

There will be a day trip that will require comfortable shoes for walking and travel via a ferry boat.  Again, keep the warm climate in mind and dress casually. 

Once again, fancy attire will not be required for dinner but feel free to wear button down linen shirts or maxi dresses if you choose.  Sandals are appropriate footwear.

There is a pool and spa on property as well so bring something spa appropriate if you like these types of amenities and have swimwear and a coverup on hand.

**There is a free day in Macatan on which your attire will be dictated by what you choose to do that day.  If you embark on one of the raro offered excursions, there will be detailed information included within the description that can assist you with packing for those activities.


Boracay (Days 9-12)

Boracay is the premier resort destination in the Philippines.  We will be staying at one of the nicest properties on the island.  Again, attire here will largely be based on an elegant tropical vacation.  This does not preclude very casual attire, especially during mornings and afternoons.  No need to be afraid of a floppy brimmed hat and oversized sunglasses during your stay here.

There will be a free day while on Boracay.  Your attire that day will be based on your choice of activity. There is a beautiful white sand beach, a pool, and a spa onsite here as well.

We will have a daytime excursion of island hopping aboard a boat on our last day.  This isn’t as much of an active water day as Coron, so cute bikinis welcome. There will be lots of good photo opportunities today.


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