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Skyline Club members can explore the world the raro way with member-only offers.

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As a Skyline Club member, you gain access to a host of privileges designed to enhance every aspect of your raro travel journey. From set savings on bookings to future travel credits and invitation-only events, your exclusive access is tailored to elevate your adventures and offer unforgettable opportunities. Join us on a journey where luxury, savings, and exceptional experiences await.

benefits include

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10% off all raro journeys

Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on any raro journey. Whatever destination you choose, you’ll have an experience like no other and new lifelong friends.

future travel credit

Receive a $750 future travel credit after your first booking with raro, allowing you to embark on another unforgettable adventure at a fraction of the cost.

invite only events

Gain access to exclusive events, including pilot trips to new destinations & early access to unique offerings. Be the first to experience rare adventures before they’re available to the public.

free post-night stay

Extend your unforgettable trip with a free post-night stay on us! Book a post-night hotel stay and we’ll provide a credit for that amount..

early access

Receive exclusive access to sales before they are made available to everyone else! Pre-sales are open to members in advance of the public announcement.

exclusive members-only sales

Exclusive member-only sales will also be available throughout the year. Book your dream vacation for less as a skyline raro member. 

explore the world, the raro way.

Broaden your travel with unique trips away from tourist places filled with rich culture and unforgettable moments at vacation destinations around the world.
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Our local Hosts share their personal stories and knowledge, taking you through a deep dive into their way of life. Experience their vibrant cultures, rich traditions and daily customs of the places you visit, bringing you a unique and truly authentic experience of your vacation destinations.

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small group travel

We aim to provide intimate and authentic group travel, while forming life-long connections between trip members. Think immersive, hands-on experiences, all without the added stress of planning! Plus, imagine the fun of building connections between like-minded travelers.

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dedicated host

A dedicated Host is with you at all times. Our Hosts are locals who have a deep understanding of the region, speak the language, and have built strong relationships with the community. They will be your guide, providing travel tips as you navigate the area.

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unique destinations

While traveling with raro, you will not only learn about local life. You will live it! We’ll take you through a cultural immersion by going to local family-owned farms, homes, restaurants and other exclusive spaces where you will get to see their time-honored traditions come to life.

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free time

Our Hosts are there to take the guesswork out of travel, especially when navigating tourist places. Our itineraries are designed to include a mix of cultural experiences and excursions, as well as ample time for you to pursue your own interests at your own pace.

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Being in a different country, sometimes transportation, transfers, activity fees and more can be overwhelming and such a hassle. We take care of all that so that you can relax and enjoy every moment of your amazing dream vacation!

Umbria Italy