raro physical activity levels

We want to make sure your vacation is exactly what you wanted it to be… unforgettable.  raro keeps the activity and physical levels to a minimum as best as possible, but certainly have the opportunity for some hikes if desired. raro will always have alternative options for those that choose not to walk or take part in activity or cannot. Remember, most of raro’s trips are about culture, spending time with the locals, trying local foods and wines.

Archeological Site of Heraion at Perachora

Activity Rating Levels

Level 1

Very light walking, paved sidewalks and motor transportation options.

Level 2

Medium walking, typically 2-3 hours a day (especially in major cities).  Certain villages walking is only option. Some villages may require parking a short distance away and a short walk may be required.

Level 3

Long walking, many steps and stairs and steep hills. Many of these walks can take hours and long distance.