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We offer personalized, unique, one-of-a-kind trips that focus on cultural immersion, adventure and rare encounters. Each trip with raro features exciting experiences with local hosts who guide you through the cities and villages they live in. Whether staying at an agriturismo or touring wineries and hidden caves, a raro trip promises exploration and off the beaten path experiences that create unforgettable memories and long-lasting friendships.

Crafted from a passion for traveling to uncommon places and embracing new cultures, raro was founded by Andrew Coomes and a group of friends who were brought together at different times along their travels. Combined, this group has visited over 75 countries and resided in ten! These connections-turned-friends have become an integral part of raro’s authentic nature, as they are the natives who host each of raro’s adventures. Our gracious trip hosts are locals who live and breathe their culture and they feel honored to welcome our guests and share their favorite hidden gems, local traditions and the best food and wine that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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Come and join us on our intimate group travel experiences to some of the most iconic places in the world. From ancient wonders to natural marvels, we’ll take you on a journey of discovery and transformation that will create memories to last a lifetime. Let’s explore popular destinations together and create unforgettable travel experiences!

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Each trip is carefully researched, planned out and tested by our team of locals and travel-enthusiasts before they are launched. By vetting accommodations, restaurants, excursions and activities in-person, we can ensure each experience is authentic and up to our standards—this also allows us to find those special hidden gems. After all, what’s a unique travel experience if it’s not one-of-a-kind?

It’s not often one is able to explore small villages through the lens of someone who lives there, however, raro is here to do exactly that. We aim to provide intimate and authentic group travel, form life-long connections between trip members and immerse our travelers in the beautiful cultures and countries we journey to, all without the added stress of planning. It’s time to see the hidden sides of popular destinations and take a trip down the path less traveled.